About Our Faith


The Coptic Orthodox Church

Established By St. Mark The Apostle

The Coptic Church traces its roots back to the first century AD, when Saint Mark the Evangelist brought Christianity to Egypt. The Coptic Church has survived centuries of persecution under Roman, Arab, and Ottoman rule. It has preserved many unique traditions and practices that date back to early Christianity.

Coptic liturgy is one of the oldest and most mystical in the Christian world, with roots in the ancient Egyptian and Alexandrian traditions. As a newcomer, you’ll find a rich and diverse community with a deep spiritual heritage and a strong sense of tradition and history in the Coptic Orthodox Church.


St Mary’s Board

Serves as a governing body for the church, providing leadership, oversight, and guidance to help the church fulfill its mission and purpose in the community.


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Any contribution helps us make a positive impact on the lives of a wider community of people who need it. Please consider supporting our mission by donating today.

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Come to Events

We believe in coming together to celebrate, learn, and grow in faith. Join us throughout the year, including holidays, cultural celebrations, annual festivals, and educational opportunities.

49 AD
Year Coptic Church Was Established
0 M
Million Coptic Christians Worldwide
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Of The Total Egyptian Population
Last Remaining Ancient Egyptian Language

The Church Members

Servants of the church helping the community grow in faith


Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria

Pope Tawadros II or Theodore II is the 118th and current pope of Alexandria and patriarch of the See of St. Mark, succeeding the late Pope Shenouda III as leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. He took office on 18 November 2012, two weeks after being selected.


Our History

Home in Sacramento, CA

St Mary’s Sacramento church has been part of the local community for almost 30 years. It all started with a handful of families praying together in a small building to now a big church proudly serving over 200+ families. 


Over the years, St. Mary’s Sacramento church has become a vibrant and diverse community, with members from various backgrounds and walks of life. We proudly serve as a spiritual home for our members, providing a space for worship, learning, and fellowship.